Why Every Beginner NEEDS To Take Your First Pickleball Lesson ⬇️

Meet Your Coach

As one of the top Pickleball coaches on the internet and head coach of my own Pickleball facility, know that you are in the right hands. I have taught thousands of beginners just like you.

There’s a reason that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. There’s not many other ways that you can have this much fun, make new friends, and get great exercise. 

The best part is that regardless of your physical ability or age, you will be able to play. The Pickleball community is accepting of everyone!

  • Michelle G.

    “I wanted to learn Pickleball but I couldn’t figure out how to keep score which made getting started tricky. Within 20 minutes of starting the course though I knew every single rule and was ready to go! Last week I got my first Paddle and was able to play with my husband and his friends!”

  • Steve Y.

    “I had been curious about trying pickleball and saw the ad for Your First Pickleball Lesson on Facebook. I sent it to my daughter and we both took it together. Now we both head to our local park and play together all the time. It really made getting started so easy I highly recommend.”

  • Stephanie M.

    “I had tried taking a group lesson at my local club but the coach was confusing and I left feeling discouraged. When I got home though luckily I found You First Pickleball Lesson. Connor explains everything in a way that is so easy to understand though and really makes learning fun.

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Learn Everything You Need To Win In Pickleball, Fast.

Rules & How To Keep Score

By the end of Your First Pickleball Lesson, you will have a crystal clear understanding of the game's scoring system and rules. If you’ve already tried to learn the rules, you may find them confusing. Don’t worry though, I have you covered.

Proper Technique

Starting out with bad technique can do irreversible damage to your game in the long run. That's why it's essential to begin your pickleball journey the right coaching and guidance. I will set you up with the best possible technique so you can pick up the game as fast as possible.

Strategy To Win

Pickleball is just as strategic as a game of chess. If you don’t understand the strategy, it will be difficult to win, especially against more experienced players. In the strategy module, I will teach you the most effective Pickleball tactics that all the pros use. The other beginner players won’t stand a chance.

Start Learning Now!

For less the than the cost of 1 private Pickleball lesson, You will get as much information as 5 full length lessons that could cost you hundreds of Dollars. The best part is that you can get through everything in around an hour! If you don't find the course extremely helpful, and you don't start winning games after this lesson, I'll give you a complete refund.