The Dink Pad

Turn any wall into an amazing way to improve your Pickleball Game. We recently enhanced our old design to make your training even more effective!

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The Dink Master

If you don't have a good wall, the Dink Master lets you train any place, any time.

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  • Sarah C.

    I got my husband his own Dink Pad, because he's retired and can't find people to play with every day, especially if it’s a workday. He seems to love it thus far. It’s super durable, high quality, and easily sticks to the wall in our garage.

  • Felix

    Soooo loving this training tool! Not your typical wall training session. Probably one of the coolest things ever. Thanks, Enhance!

  • Arthur

    When I asked my pickleball coach about how I should practice my dinks and quick hands, he recommended the Dink Pad.⁣ My previous way of training was just practicing on a wall. Now I have targets and a realistic way to visualize actual play.

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Designed by Pro & Coach

“Mastering your dinks and volleys is the most important part to becoming a high level player - The Dink Pad lets you practice this on your own time.”

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Turn your Garage into a Pickleball Oasis...

The Dink Pad transforms any basement or garage into a Pickleballer's Paradise

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Get the edge over your opponents and dominate rec play.

  • Warmup for Games

    Just 5 minutes on the dink pad before you play will guarantee you a faster start to your rec games by firing up your reflexes and touch.

  • Consistently Drill

    Drilling is the #1 way to improve, the dink pad will motivate you to drill more consistently and effectively.

  • Win More

    Have that one player you can’t get past? Training on the dink pad could be your path to victory.

  • Unlimited Ways to Drill

    Need to work on your Dinks? Volleys? Drops? The Dink Pad has you Covered.

Practice Indoors or Outside

The Dink Pad is weather resistant and can be used in any climate

Effortless Setup

Setup your Dink Pad in less than 5 minutes and get going fast

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Not Sure How to Drill?

Learn the best ways to use the Dink Pad & Dink Master with our drill Library

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