Our Story

When I first got into Pickleball, I thought it would just end up being a hobby. Until everything changed…

In 2020, I had just come off of a freak accident where I consecutively broke both of my feet leaving me bedridden for 6 months. This essentially ended my college tennis career at UCLA, and I felt empty. By the time I recovered, I had no direction in terms of what I was doing, no community I belonged to, and I had neglected picking up other sports as hobbies.

It was in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic, and I had been hearing about pickleball on social media. Eventually, my roommate's mom convinced me to give it a try. I didn’t have much of an expectation, and I had no idea where the sport was going to take me next..

As the story goes for most people, after I played the first time, I was hooked. I had never had so much fun while also getting great exercise, all while socializing with my friends. I knew the sport would become a big part of my life. From that moment on, I made it a point to study the game and decipher the different strategies immediately so that I could get to a higher level as fast as I could. Within a few months I had already played my first tournaments and had resurrected my competitive instinct that had long passed away with my tennis career. I reawakened a fire and drive that I hadn’t felt in years.

But Earlier in 2022, I discovered what my true purpose in Pickleball really was..

Once I started coaching, I realized that my true calling was to help other players take their game to a higher level. Growing up, I was always obsessed with creating different outside of the box training methods that could give me an edge over my opponents. Right when I got into Pickleball, I started experimenting…

At certain point, I knew that I needed to share my findings, so I called up my old college roommate Drew, and we started making the best Pickleball content that we could muster up.

As the Pickleball boom is still in its infancy, there is still much to discover in terms of what it takes to improve and better your game. I’ve made it my personal goal to help pave that pathway. 

At Enhance, everything we do is designed to accelerate the process of improving your game, getting you one step closer to the unrivaled feeling of victory.

Connor - Founder of Enhance Pickleball