Team Enhance Pickleball Sponsored Player & Brand Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Enhance Pickleball Brand Ambassador! With the powerful skills and fiery passion within each of our ambassadors- we aim to enhance the game of pickleball with our innovative products. Our ambassadors are excited to share the game they love with their community, friends, and family! Join our ambassador program and help us help others improve their game!

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What is a sponsored player?

Sponsored players are active players in their area. They are typically 3.0+ level players (or instructors that are 4.0+ level or higher).

What are the benefits of being sponsored or a brand ambassador?

  • COMMISSION on EVERY sale you execute. 
  • Personalized DISCOUNT CODE for your local community. 
  • Exclusive access to ALL new product drops.
  • 50% OFF of The Dink Master or Dink Pad.
  • 30% OFF ALL other products.

What is your role as a brand ambassador?

  • Promote our brand’s mission of elevating the training experience of Pickleball.
  • Drive product sales.
  • Stimulate brand awareness by advocating our products to other players and local clubs.
  • Post engaging brand-related content on social media.