The Pickleball Noise Blocker

The Ultimate Noise Solution for Pickleball Courts. Play your heart out without disturbing the peace around.

Top-Grade Sound Absorption

Our lab-certified material swallows the noise, attaching to any chain link fence.

  • Community Harmony

    Minimize court noise, maximize community respect. The Pickleball Noise Blocker ensures that businesses, homes, and play areas coexist harmoniously, making every environment more livable and enjoyable.

  • Durable & Dependable

    Built to last and withstand the elements. Waterproof and wind resistant, our sound barrier provides a long-term noise solution without frequent replacements or maintenance.

  • Ideal Fit for Every Court

    Tailored for pickleball perfection. Whether it's a private home court or a bustling pickleball club, our Noise Blocker attaches to any fence and can be adjusted for size.

By The Numbers

Reduce Noise by 18 decibels! That's a shift from blaring freeway traffic to a quiet office buzz!

  • Waterproof

  • UV Protection

  • Tear Resistant

  • Easy Installation

Essential Details

Warranty: 5 years

Color: Blue / Green

Material: PVC Fabric sound proof blanket

Characteristics: Waterproof, flame-retardant, Anti-aging, Wind resistant

Weight: 16lbs per curtain

Thickness: 1-2cm

Size: 9ft height by 3 ft width (Can be customized)

Life: 8-10 Years

Certification: ROHS