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✅ Hit thousands more shots each week

✅ Targets & references to train your accuracy

✅ Free drill library so you always know how to train

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The Dink Master

The #1 Way to Skyrocket Your Pickleball Game

The Dink Master is your new portable practice partner.

✖️ Hit 10X more shots each week and train muscle memory

🎯 Improve your dinks, volleys, and accuracy

📖 Comes with a FREE catalog of drills so you never run out of ways to train!

🏆 100% Happiness Guarantee - if you have any issues, reach out and our team will make things right.

Take your training ANYWHERE AND Practice on your own time.

Your progress no longer depends on scheduling drilling sessions with other players. The Dink Master comes on wheels that make it easy to move around and place wherever you'd like. Pack it in your SUV, take your Dink Master to open-play and show it off to your friends!

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    The Dink Master

    Hit thousands more shots and train muscle memory, wherever you choose to practice.

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    The Mini-Court

    The Mini-Court lets you create half of a pickleball court and kitchen wherever you want.

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    The Dink Pad

    Turns any wall into an amazing pickleball training aid.

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4 Reasons Why The Dink Master is the #1 Pickleball Training Aid


Boost Your Reflexes and Reactions

Use our fast hands drills to transform your reaction time. You’ll find yourself effortlessly handling powerful shots in no time.


Achieve Pinpoint Accuracy

The strategically placed targets improve your accuracy, helping you consistently place your dinks right where you want them.


Rapidly Learn New Techniques and Overcome Weaknesses

No partner? No problem. From refining the Roll Volley to mastering your backhand, The Dink Master lets you independently refine your skills.


Consistently Hit Thousands More Shots Each Week

By practicing just 5-10 minutes a day with the Dink Master, you'll hit thousands more shots each week and see a marked improvement in your coordination and overall gameplay.


See The Dink Master in Action

Skyrocket Your Overall Consistency

The secret to rapid improvement? Practice, practice, practice. The Dink Master accelerates your progress by enhancing your coordination and consistency across the board. Invest just 5-10 minutes a day, and watch your game transform.

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Turn your Garage into a Pickleball Oasis...

The Dink Master transforms any basement or garage into a Pickleballer's Paradise

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Designed by Pro & Coach

Connor Hance is the #1 most viewed Pickleball Coach on the internet. Whether you are a 5.0 or a complete beginner, Connor knows exactly what you need to level up your game! He specifically designs our products to simulate real life on court training.

Real Players, Real Results.


As a busy grandma with lots of friends, finding time to practice my pickleball skills was almost impossible. Then i found the Dink Master. It's convenience and efficiency has done wonders for my game

Betty S.


Who would've thought that a training aid could be this fun and effective? 🤯 The Dink Master has been a real game-changer in my pickleball practice. My dinks and volleys have improved so much that my buddies think I'm secretly taking lessons! 😆

Terrence M.


As an older player, some times my knees get the best of me. With the Dink Master, I can practice in a controlled environment which keeps things easy on my joints. It's really perfect for seniors who are looking to improve.

Martin H.


There's no better way to start the day than with a good workout using the Dink Master. It's been instrumental in taking my pickleball game to new heights.

Wil M.


I had meniscus surgery one month ago. My PT said I could slowly get back into pickleball... and this is perfect. I practice 10 minutes at a time so my knee doesn't fatigue. It's keeping me in the game so that, when I can finally get back on the court, I will be able to keep up with my partner.

Rochelle A.


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Our mission is to take your pickleball game to new heights. If for whatever reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with one of our products, reach out and our team will do whatever we can to make things right. Each of our products is made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials for indoor or outdoor use.