5 Ways The Dink Pad Takes Your Pickleball Game To The Next Level

Discover how the #1 Pickleball Training aid can Improve your game.

1. Develop a stronger soft game

If you Play Pickleball, then you know that most of the time, hitting slow is better than hitting hard. But Controlling the ball and making it land in the Kitchen is easier said than done. The Dink Pad allows you to work on these softer shots which are pretty hard to practice in a normal game situation.

2. Heightened reflexes and reactions

Tired of letting Bangers hit balls straight through you? With the Dink Pad you can do fast hands drills that make reacting to hard shots feel routine. You can even do these before your games to get an extra boost. Even if you feel like your reactions are slow, the Dink Pad will make a huge difference, guaranteed.

3. Pin Point Accuracy on Dinks

There's a reason we added multiple targets on the Dink Pad. If you are someone that's looking to consistently hit dinks into the kitchen and aim for your opponents weak points, you need accurate dinks. The Dink Pad gives you real time feedback so that your Dinks go exactly where you tell them to.

4. Your Overall Consistency

It's simple, the more balls you hit, the faster you improve. Practicing on the Dink Pad will make a huge impact on your entire game, not just your dinks and volleys. In just 5 - 10 minutes a day on the Dink Pad your coordination will increase and you will see huge increase in your consistency on every shot.

5. Quickly pick up new techniques and work on weaknesses

Looking to learn the Roll Volley? Want to work on your Backhand? With the Dink Pad you don’t need to beg your friends to go out and drill with you. You can pick up new skills and master any technique on your own time.

Ready to take your pickleball game to the next level?

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